When Is It Time for a Skilled Nursing Home? 5 Questions to Ask

It’s not an easy decision.

When faced with the option of skilled nursing care or placing someone in a nursing home, millions of emotions and questions flood your mind.

You may be wrestling with guilt or wondering if your loved one will be happy in their new location.

Or maybe you’re just wondering if the time is right to consider this next step.

We understand that these are important decisions, and we want to provide the knowledge to help you make an educated choice.

We’ve compiled five questions that you can consider when asking if it’s time for a loved one to be admitted to one of the best skilled nursing facilities—East Carolina Rehabilitation and Wellness.

Is It Time for a Skilled Nursing Home? Ask These Five Questions

Sometimes, it helps to take a step back and objectively evaluate the situation. Is your loved one at a point where more extensive nursing care is needed? Consider the following issues.

Can They Perform Tasks of Daily Living?

This is often one of the first signs that there may be a need for another level of care. If you’re loved one is having difficulty:

  • Getting dressed
  • Showering/ bathing
  • Managing medication
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning

Then it may be time to look at skilled nursing homes near you.

Are They Able to Safely Be By Themselves?

Falls and other accidents—such as leaving the stove on—can lead to serious safety issues.

Sometimes, all it takes is one fall to cause extensive damage that could possibly lead to a hip replacement.

Is Medication Being Taken Correctly?

It can be challenging for anyone to keep track of several different medications. Many older adults have chronic health problems. They may also have serious issues related to heart disease, diabetes and COPD.

It’s vital that they take their medication as directed and on time.

In a skilled nursing community, medication management is a routine part of their care.

Are They at Risk of Falls?

Did you know that every 11 seconds, an older adult goes to the emergency room as the result of a fall? Every year, one in four Americans over 65 years of age has s serious fall, according to information from the National Council on Aging.

We touched on this a bit already, but we want to emphasize that older adults are more likely to develop osteoporosis. This is a disease that causes the bones to become brittle. As a restful, they are more likely to fracture a hip, arm or leg as the result of a fall.

If your parent or grandparent lives alone, and they fall, how long would it be before someone would be able to help them?

For older Americans, falls can cause significant damage and may result in the need for energy surgery or hip replacement.

In addition, their home may have extensive falling and tripping hazards such as:

  • Throw rugs
  • Coffee tables
  • Throw rugs
  • Clutter
  • Steep stairs
  • Unstable chairs
  • Poor lighting

At a skilled nursing home, they will be closely monitored and supervised to help ensure their safety.

Do They Have Chronic Health Problems?

Health issues such as diabetes, kidney disease and congestive heart failure require close monitoring. This can be difficult for many older adults who may have several conditions at the same time.

At skilled nursing communities, your loved one will have access to a health care team that will follow a treatment plan tailored to meet their needs.

East Carolina Rehabilitation and Wellness is There for Your Loved One

We believe that skilled nursing care is much more than a place for your loved one to be safe. It’s a sacred trust. We realize that you have trusted us with the highest level of care, and we won’t disappoint you. From our friendly staff to our peaceful atmosphere, it’s obvious why our residents love living here.

We invite you to learn more about our community by continuing to browse this website and contacting us for more information.