When Is Assisted Living for Stroke Patients Needed?

A stroke is devastating.

It causes long-reaching physical issues as well as having a deep emotional impact. Often, those after a stroke need occupational therapy to “relearn” how to do everyday activities.

But what kind of therapy is needed after a stroke? And when is assisted living for stroke patients appropriate?

At East Carolina Rehabilitation and Wellness, we have helped hundreds of stroke patients regain their mobility and learn how to manage tasks of daily living. We do this through intensive inpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy.

We’ll take a closer look at both physical and occupational therapy, what kind of therapy is needed after a stroke, and how stroke patients can benefit from both skilled nursing and assisted living.

When Is Assisted Living for Stroke Patients Appropriate?

The answer to this will vary, because every patient is different. Strokes affect different parts of the brain, and as a result, there are several variations of injuries. One stroke patient may have trouble walking while another may have difficulty with their arms.

Assisted living for stroke patients is needed when stroke patients have difficulty performing everyday tasks, and while they still are able to be somewhat independent, it is not safe or not possible for them to live by themselves.

What Kind of Therapy Is Needed After a Stroke?

We tailor each rehabilitation treatment plan to fit the needs of every patient–especially during assisted living for stroke patients. These plans are carefully reviewed and approved by your doctors and other members of the healthcare team. Therefore, it’s hard to speak in generalities.

However, typically, the following kinds of therapy are needed after a stroke:

  • Physical therapy to learn how to walk, sit, stand and perform other motor tasks.
  • Occupational therapy to help re-establish how to do tasks of daily living such as brushing teeth, getting dressed or going to the bathroom.
  • Speech therapy to help with communication, speaking and swallowing.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a specialty that concentrates on improving the functional mobility of patients who have certain limitations. For example, a patient who has had a hip replacement will need physical therapy in order to ensure that they return to a high level of functioning.

Physical therapists may also help patients learn to walk after a stroke or traumatic injury. Typically, physical therapy concentrates on major muscle groups and activities such as walking, sitting and standing.

Physical therapy also involves learning how to properly use assistive devices such as a walker or cane.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy concentrates on how to help you regain the ability to do everyday tasks, such as getting dressed, going to the bathroom or brushing your teeth. Often, modifications may need to be made in order to teach you new ways to perform these daily tasks.

Occupational therapists may also help you develop your fine motor skills, which will help you as you explore new ways of accomplishing what you need. Occupational therapists also teach you how to use assistive devices that can help you become more independent.

Whether You Need Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living in Greenville, East Carolina Rehabilitation and Wellness Is Here to Provide Compassionate Care

We offer extensive benefits for assisted living for stroke patients.

One of the advantages of selecting an assisted living facility in Greenville like East Carolina Rehabilitation and Wellness, is that we also offer skilled nursing. Therefore, if for some reason, you need more than just additional assistance, we’re able to easily move you to a skilled nursing unit where you’ll receive a high level of care in surroundings that you already call home.

Discover why so many stroke patients have chosen us to help them get their life back. Our family owned and operated assisted living/ skilled nursing community provides an environment that offers stimulating activities while, at the same time, providing a peaceful community for you to recover.

When is assisted living for stroke patients needed? We’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Discover more by signing up for a tour today.